Chapter 22

Publish or Perish: The Fail-Safe Guide to Printing


Bullet Connecting a printer

Bullet Using Page Setup to prepare your document for printing

Bullet Printing to most printers

Bullet Mastering the printing process

When you want to get what’s on your screen onto paper, printing under Big Sur should be as simple as pressing the keyboard shortcut ⌘  +P and pressing Return. Happily, that’s usually just how easy printing something is. Unfortunately, when it isn’t just that easy, printing can turn into a nightmare. After you configure a printer and confirm that things work as expected, printing is generally a simple affair forevermore.

In this chapter, I scare away the bogeymen to help you avoid any printing nightmares. I walk you through the entire process as though you just unpacked a new printer and plugged it in.

Before Diving In …

Before I even start talking about hooking up printers, you need to know a few essential things. So here’s a little list that tells you just what those things are:

  • Read the documentation that came with your printer. Hundreds of different printer makes and ...

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