Chapter 23

Features for the Way You Work


Bullet Reducing eyestrain with Dark mode

Bullet Using your iPhone as a camera or scanner for your Mac

Bullet Talking to your Mac

Bullet Enhancing productivity by using automation

Bullet Running Microsoft Windows on your Mac (really!)

Bullet Mirroring your Mac screen to your HDTV screen wirelessly

This chapter delves into some macOS Big Sur features that might very well improve the ways you interact with your computer. Unlike the more mainstream applications, System Preferences panes, and utilities that I discuss in Part 1 — Desktop, Finder, Screen Saver, Appearance, Keyboard, Trackpad, Mouse, and such — the items in this chapter are a little more esoteric. In other words, you don’t have to use any of the tools or technologies I’m about to show you. That said, many of these items can make you more productive and can make using your Mac even better. So I’d like to believe ...

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