Chapter 7

Comprehending the macOS Clipboard


check Getting a first look at macOS High Sierra’s Clipboard

check Copying files and folders with the Clipboard

check Pasting files and folders with the Clipboard

check Introducing High Sierra’s Universal Clipboard

Before you start copying files, let me introduce you to the Clipboard. The Clipboard is a holding area for the last thing that you cut or copied. That copied item can be text, a picture, a portion of a picture, an object in a drawing program, a column of numbers in a spreadsheet, any icon (except a drive), or just about anything else that can be selected. In other words, the Clipboard is your Mac’s temporary storage area.

Introducing the Clipboard

Most of the time, the Clipboard works quietly in the background, but if you want to know what it currently contains, the Clipboard will reveal itself if you choose Edit  ⇒  Show Clipboard.

This command summons the Clipboard window, shown in Figure 7-1, which displays the type of item (such as text, an image, or sound) on the Clipboard, as well as either the item itself or a message letting ...

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