Chapter 9

Organizing Your Life


check Introducing Calendar

check Creating and using Calendar calendars

check Creating and organizing Calendar events

check Remembering events with Reminders and Notification Center

check Taking notes with Notes

When you install macOS High Sierra, the folks at Apple generously include applications that can help simplify and organize your everyday affairs — Calendar, Reminders, and Notes (to name three you discover in this chapter).

In fact, macOS High Sierra comes with a folder full of applications — software you can use to do everything from surfing the Internet to capturing an image of your Mac’s screen to playing QuickTime movies to performing numeric calculations.

Technically, most of these applications aren’t even part of macOS. Rather, the vast majority of them are what are known as bundled apps — programs that come with the operating system but are unrelated to its function. Readers (bless them) tend to complain when I skip bundled applications, so I mention ...

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