Chapter 10



check Getting to know Siri on your Mac

check Working with Siri

check Making Siri your very own

If you aren’t familiar with Siri, Apple’s intelligent digital assistant, you will be soon. Though Siri made her first appearance on the iPhone 4s back in 2011 and has appeared on iPads, iPod touches, and even Apple TVs, it made its first appearance on the Mac last year in macOS Sierra.

Siri was designed to help you get things done using your voice, and the new Mac incarnation does it with aplomb. High Sierra’s rendition of Siri offers new capabilities designed specifically for your Mac, which means you can search for information, find files, send messages, and much, much more using only your voice.

Better still, High Sierra’s Siri is optimized to work well with your Mac’s built-in microphone, so you have everything you need to start using it.

What Siri Can Do for You

Before we get to the “how,” let’s look at what, exactly, Siri can do for you. Here’s a short list of some cool things you can ask Siri to do:

  • “Open the Microsoft Word document I worked on yesterday.”
  • “Remind me to take the pizza out of the oven in 14 minutes.”
  • “Add a meeting to my calendar at 11 a.m. ...

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