Chapter 5

What’s New in Mojave’s Finder?


Bullet Organizing your desktop with Stacks

Bullet Editing image, video, and audio files without an application

Bullet Automating tasks with Quick Actions

Bullet Making movies of your screen

Bullet Tips, hints, and techniques to help you do more work with less effort

It’s been many years — way back in the days when Apple named its operating systems after jungle cats — since a macOS upgrade included as many improvements to Finder. And, having been around on the Mac in some form since 1984, Finder was surely due for some love.

You’ll love what they’ve done with Finder in Mojave. In this chapter, you discover cool new features such as Stacks and Quick Actions, as well as major improvements to some of the old features you know and love, such as editing features in both Quick Look and the Preview pane.

Finally, I point out a handful of useful interface enhancements that make Mojave’s Finder even better.

And now, without further ado, let’s dive into what I consider ...

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