Chapter 12

Apps Born in iOS


Bullet Taking stock of securities with Stocks

Bullet Staying current with News

Bullet Making voice memos with Voice Memos

Bullet Automate repetitive tasks with the Shortcuts app

Bullet Smartening your home with the Home app

This chapter covers five apps that have been around on the iPhone and iPad for many years but made their debut on the Mac more recently. They should be familiar to anyone who uses an iPhone or iPad:

  • Stocks lets you monitor information about specific stocks and the market in general.
  • News gathers stories from myriad publications in one convenient place.
  • Voice Memos lets you record (what else?) memos with your voice.
  • Shortcuts lets you automate repetitive tasks.
  • Home lets you control your HomeKit-enabled smart devices such as lights, thermostats, and locks.

None of the five is earth-shattering as a Mac app, but all can be useful if you need what they provide. More Mac apps that started as iPhone and iPad apps are coming up in Chapters 17 and 18. For ...

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