Chapter 14

Dealing with People


Bullet Collecting your contacts

Bullet Managing your contacts

Bullet Syncing your contacts with other devices

Bullet Making audio and video calls with FaceTime

Bullet Enjoying music, TV shows, and movies via SharePlay and FaceTime

In this chapter, you see how to use the Contacts app built into macOS to store, manipulate, and use your contacts’ information. You start by adding new contacts manually; then you move on to importing contacts from other contact-management apps and services, organizing your contacts in both conventional lists and self-updating smart lists, and setting your contact information to sync itself automatically through iCloud or another service.

Toward the end of the chapter, I explore how to make audio and video calls with Apple’s FaceTime communications technology and how to use macOS’s innovative SharePlay feature to enjoy media — TV shows, videos, songs, and more — with the other participants in your FaceTime calls.

Collecting Your Contacts

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