Macromedia Contribute 3 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide

Book description

Visitors to your Web site want to see up-to-date content--period. They don't care how complicated it is to edit that content or about the manpower issues involved: If they don't find what they need, they'll get it elsewhere. To ensure that they don't, you need Macromedia's hot content management tool Contribute and this task-based guide to get you up to speed on it. In this thoroughly updated guide, popular author Tom Negrino uses simple step-by-step instructions and loads of visual aids to show you how to build Web pages, edit content, create tables, employ Dreamweaver templates, and more with the newly updated Contribute 3. If you're a first-time user, you'll find all the instruction you need to start adding content to Web pages immediately (without fear of breaking the site). And if you're a Contribute veteran, you'll want to go straight to the sections covering this version's new features: integrated image editing, Microsoft Office integration, automatic publishing to PDF and Flash file formats, and more.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Special Thanks to
    1. The Folks at Peachpit
    2. Everybody Else
  3. Introduction
    1. What Do You Need?
    2. What I Used
    3. What’s in the Book
    4. My Assumptions about You
    5. There’s More Help on the Web
    6. Let’s Get Started
  4. 1. Getting Started
    1. Installing and Running Contribute
      1. About Product Activation
    2. Exploring the Contribute Work Space
      1. The Document Window
      2. The Toolbars
      3. The Sidebar
    3. Getting Onscreen Help
    4. Understanding Contribute’s Workflow
      1. The Administrator’s Workflow
      2. The Contributor’s Workflow
      3. Building New Pages
    5. Setting a Startup Password
  5. 2. Making a Site Connection
    1. Preparing to Connect
    2. Using the Connection Wizard (Windows)
    3. Using the Connection Assistant (Macintosh)
    4. Connecting to a .Mac Account (Mac-only)
    5. Importing Site Connection Keys
    6. Editing Site Connections
    7. Working Offline
  6. 3. Building Web Pages
    1. Browsing Sites
      1. Browsing Your Sites
    2. Creating New Pages
      1. Canceling Pages
      2. Deleting Pages
    3. Building New Pages from Starter Pages
    4. Building New Pages from Dreamweaver Templates
    5. Copying Existing Pages
    6. Editing Existing Pages on Your Website
    7. Opening Existing Local Pages
    8. Setting Page Properties
    9. Setting Page Keywords and Descriptions
    10. Editing Framed Pages
    11. Saving Page Drafts
    12. Letting Coworkers Review Your Pages
    13. Reviewing Other People’s Draft Pages
    14. Using the Draft Console
    15. Publishing Your Pages
      1. Publishing Existing Pages as New Pages
    16. Rolling Back to Previous Page Versions
    17. Printing Pages
  7. 4. Editing Page Content
    1. Basic Text Editing
    2. Using HTML Styles
      1. Setting Font Styles
      2. Setting Fonts and Font Sizes
      3. Changing Font Combinations
      4. Assigning HTML Heading Styles
      5. Coloring and Highlighting Text
      6. Setting Text Alignment
      7. Indenting Text
    3. Using CSS Styles
    4. Working with Lists
      1. Setting List Properties
      2. Nesting Lists
    5. Inserting Dates
    6. Adding Horizontal Rules
    7. Inserting Special Characters
    8. Finding and Replacing Text
    9. Checking Spelling
    10. Editing Web Pages in an External Application
    11. Adding PayPal E-commerce Buttons
      1. Types of E-commerce transactions
    12. Adding Google Search Fields
  8. 5. Working with Images
    1. Adding Images to Your Pages
    2. Adjusting Image Properties
    3. Editing Images
      1. Resizing Images
      2. Rotating Images
      3. Cropping Images
      4. Sharpening Images
      5. Adjusting Brightness and Contrast
      6. Editing Images in External Applications
      7. Replacing Images
    4. Working with Flash Content
    5. Inserting Movie Files
    6. Inserting Shared Assets
  9. 6. Working with Links
    1. About Linking
    2. Linking to Draft Pages
    3. Creating New Pages from Links
    4. Linking to Web Addresses
    5. Creating Email Links
    6. Linking to Local Files
    7. Adding and Editing Anchors
    8. Editing and Removing Links
  10. 7. Creating Tables
    1. Creating a New Table
      1. Selecting Table Elements
      2. Resizing Table Elements
    2. Inserting Rows and Columns
    3. Deleting Table Elements
    4. Formatting Tables
      1. Custom Table Formatting
    5. Setting Table Properties
    6. Merging and Splitting Cells
    7. Setting Cell Properties
    8. Sorting Table Contents
  11. 8. Using Dreamweaver Templates
    1. Creating New Pages from Dreamweaver Templates
    2. Dreamweaver Template Details
    3. Working with Editable Areas
      1. Repeating Regions
    4. Setting Template Properties
  12. 9. Working with External Documents
    1. Using External Documents
    2. Importing Word or Excel Documents
    3. Inserting External Documents as FlashPaper
    4. Editing Imported Office Documents
    5. Editing Other Document Types
  13. 10. Site Administration
    1. Becoming an Administrator
    2. Assigning Sitewide Settings
      1. Changing Administrator Email and Password
      2. Removing Administration
      3. Enabling Publishing Services
      4. Changing Web Address Mapping, Index and Guard Pages
      5. Enabling Rollbacks
      6. New Pages Settings
      7. Compatibility Settings
    3. Assigning User Roles
      1. General Permissions
      2. Folder/File Access Permissions
      3. Editing Permissions
      4. Styles and Fonts Permissions
      5. New Pages Permissions
      6. File Placement Permissions
      7. Shared Assets Permissions
      8. New Images Permissions
    4. Creating User Roles
    5. Modifying User Roles
    6. Sharing Site Connections
  14. 11. Customizing Contribute
    1. Understanding Contribute Extensibility
      1. Extension Folder Structure
    2. Creating Starter Pages Templates
    3. Customizing the Welcome Screen
    4. Customizing Menus
    5. Changing Keyboard Shortcuts
  15. A. Contribute Keyboard Shortcuts

Product information

  • Title: Macromedia Contribute 3 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2004
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321267887