Macs All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition

Book description

Your all-in-one guide to unleashing your Mac's full potential

It's a Mac world out there. But if you haven't read the instruction manual, you may be neglecting some of your computer's coolest features. Turn to Macs All-in-One For Dummies' jam-packed guide to access the incredible tools within your computer. With this fully updated reference, you will learn how to use Launchpad and Mission Control; protect your Mac; back up and restore data with Time Machine; sync across devices in iCloud; import, organize, and share photos; direct in iMovie; compose in GarageBand; and so much more. The possibilities are endless with such a powerful tool.

  • Includes 6 minibooks: Mac Basics, Online Communications, Beyond the Basics, Your Mac as a Multimedia Entertainment Center, Taking Care of Business, and Mac Networking

  • Walks you through setting up and sending e-mail, surfing the web with Safari, organizing your files and folders, connecting to a network, creating Reminders and Notifications, finding your way with Maps, staying organized with Calendar and Notes, and customizing your Mac just the way you want it

  • Features updated coverage of OS X Mavericks, the latest Macintosh computers, the newest versions of iLife and iWork, and noteworthy trends and tools on the market for this fourth edition

  • Whether you're new to the Apple craze or a dedicated Mac user from the onset, there's something for everyone in this bestselling guide to making friends with your Mac.

    Table of contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      2. Book I: Getting Started with Mac Basics
        1. Chapter 1: Starting to Use Your Mac
          1. Examining Different Macintosh Models
            1. The Mac mini and Mac Pro
            2. The iMac
            3. The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro
          2. Starting Your Mac
          3. Turning Your Mac Off
            1. Putting a Mac in Sleep mode
            2. Shutting down your Mac
            3. Restarting a Mac
          4. Understanding Mac Processors
          5. Exploring Your Mac’s Inner Workings
        2. Chapter 2: Getting Acquainted with the Mac User Interface
          1. Looking at Menus, Dialogs, and Windows
            1. Exploring the menu bar
            2. Understanding menu commands
            3. Working with dialogs
            4. Managing windows
          2. Mastering the Mouse, Trackpad, and Keyboard
            1. Using the mouse
            2. Operating the trackpad
            3. Examining the parts of the keyboard
          3. Getting to Know the Parts of the Desktop
            1. The Dock
            2. The Finder
          4. Exploring the Dashboard
            1. Viewing Dashboard widgets
            2. Customizing a widget
            3. Adding and removing widgets
            4. Disabling and deleting widgets from Dashboard
          5. Getting Help
            1. Pointing out commands to use
            2. Reading Help topics
        3. Chapter 3: Making Your First Connections
          1. Setting Up an Internet Connection
            1. Ethernet connection
            2. Wireless (Wi-Fi) access
          2. Establishing Your Apple Identity
            1. Creating an Apple ID during Mac setup
            2. Creating an Apple ID in iCloud
          3. Keeping Your Data in iCloud
            1. Selecting iCloud preferences
            2. Syncing with your other devices
            3. Using the iCloud website
          4. Setting Up E-Mail and Social Network Accounts
            1. Adding accounts
            2. Gathering your account information
            3. Configuring your account
        4. Chapter 4: Working with Files and Folders
          1. Getting to Know the Finder
            1. Handling devices
            2. Understanding folders
            3. Setting Finder preferences
          2. Navigating the Finder
            1. Opening a folder
            2. Working with tabs
            3. Jumping to a specific folder
            4. Jumping back and forth
            5. Moving to a higher folder
            6. Following the folder path
          3. Organizing and Viewing Folders
            1. Selecting items in the Finder
            2. Using Icon view
            3. Using List view
            4. Using Column view
            5. Using Cover Flow view
            6. Changing your view options
            7. Using Quick Look to view file contents
          4. Creating Folders
            1. Creating a folder from the Finder menu
            2. Creating a folder from Save or Save As
          5. Playing Tag: Classify Files and Folders for Quick Access
            1. Setting tag preferences
            2. Tagging existing files and folders
            3. Tagging new files
            4. Finding your tagged files
          6. Manipulating Files and Folders
            1. Renaming files and folders
            2. Copying a file or folder
            3. Moving a file or folder
            4. Grouping files
          7. Archiving Files and Folders
            1. Creating a ZIP file
            2. Creating a DMG file
            3. Deleting files and folders
          8. Searching Files
            1. Using Spotlight
            2. Spotlight Preferences
            3. Using Smart Folders
            4. Creating a Smart Folder with Spotlight
          9. Deleting a File or Folder
            1. Retrieving a file or folder from the Trash
            2. Emptying the Trash
        5. Chapter 5: Managing Apps on the Dock, Launchpad, and Desktop
          1. Launching an App
            1. From the Dock
            2. From Launchpad
            3. From the Apple menu’s Recent Items
            4. From the Finder
            5. With Spotlight
            6. Opening documents
          2. Switching among Applications
          3. Quitting Apps
            1. Closing a document
            2. Shutting down an app
            3. Force-quitting an app
          4. Creating Alias Icons
          5. Working with Dock Aliases
            1. Adding file and folder aliases to the Dock
            2. Rearranging icons on the Dock
            3. Removing icons from the Dock
          6. Organizing Multiple Desktops with Spaces
            1. Creating Desktops
            2. Switching Desktops
            3. Moving app windows to different Desktops
            4. Setting Mission Control preferences
          7. Acquiring New Apps
            1. Shopping in the App Store
            2. Downloading apps from the App Store
          8. Installing Applications
            1. Installing an app from the web
            2. Installing an application from a CD/DVD
          9. Updating Applications and System Software
          10. Uninstalling Applications
            1. Uninstalling an app
            2. Removing app alias icons from the Dock and Desktop
            3. Removing user setting files
        6. Chapter 6: Changing How Your Mac Looks, Sounds, and Feels
          1. Changing the Desktop and Screen Saver
            1. Choosing a Desktop image
            2. Customizing the Screen Saver
          2. Changing the Display and Appearance
            1. Changing the screen resolution
            2. Changing the color of the user interface
          3. Changing the Date and Time
          4. Adjusting Sounds
          5. Noticing Notifications
          6. Using Your Mac’s Accessibility Features
            1. Mitigating vision limitations
            2. Compensating for hearing limitations
            3. Interacting with ease
          7. Enabling Switch Control
          8. Speaking with Your Mac
            1. Setting up Speakable Items
            2. Setting up Dictation & Speech
      3. Book II: Online Communications
        1. Chapter 1: Browsing the Web with Safari
          1. Browsing Websites
            1. Visiting websites
            2. Reading in Reader
            3. Using tabbed browsing
            4. Setting your Safari home page
            5. Searching within a web page
          2. Organizing Your Website Experience
            1. Using bookmarks
            2. Creating a Reading List
            3. Seeing what your friends are reading
            4. Displaying favorites in Top Sites
          3. Storing Personal Info and Keeping it Private
            1. Using AutoFill to track passwords and more
            2. Protecting your web-browsing privacy
          4. Saving and Sharing Web Pages
            1. Saving a web page as a file
            2. Saving a photo from the web
            3. Sharing a web page
            4. Printing a web page
          5. Viewing and Playing Multimedia Files
            1. Watching video
            2. Listening to streaming audio
            3. Viewing PDF files
          6. Downloading Files
          7. Using Extensions
        2. Chapter 2: Corresponding with Mail
          1. Adding an E-Mail Account to Mail
          2. Looking at the Mail Window
          3. Writing E-Mails
            1. Creating a new e-mail
            2. Replying to or forwarding a message
            3. Customizing your messages
            4. Sending a file or photo attachment
            5. Using stationery
            6. Spelling and grammar checking
          4. Receiving and Reading E-Mail
            1. Retrieving e-mail
            2. Reading e-mail
            3. Viewing and saving file attachments
            4. Adding an e-mail address to Contacts
          5. Organizing E-Mail
            1. Searching through e-mail
            2. Organizing e-mail with mailbox folders
            3. Deleting a mailbox folder
            4. Automatically organizing e-mail with smart mailboxes
            5. Automatically organizing e-mail with rules
            6. Flagging your messages
          6. Dealing with Junk E-Mail
            1. Filtering junk e-mail
            2. Using advanced filter rules
          7. Deleting and Archiving Messages
            1. Deleting messages
            2. Retrieving messages from the Trash folder
            3. Emptying the Trash folder
            4. Archiving messages
        3. Chapter 3: Chatting with Messages and FaceTime
          1. Getting Started in Messages
            1. Choosing a chat service
            2. Setting up a Messages account
            3. Keeping up appearances
            4. Adding buddies to your account
          2. Chatting with Others
            1. Initiating a text chat
            2. Initiating an audio or a video chat
            3. Sharing files, photos, and screens
            4. Saving or deleting your conversations
            5. Interpreting status indicators
          3. Making Yourself Available (Or Not) for Chatting
            1. Changing your status
            2. Blocking chat invitations
          4. Making Calls with FaceTime
            1. Signing in to FaceTime
            2. Making a call with FaceTime
            3. Receiving a FaceTime call
            4. Managing your Apple ID settings
            5. Adding contacts and favorites to FaceTime
        4. Chapter 4: Moving Around with Maps
          1. Wherever You Go, There You Are
            1. Finding your location
            2. Navigating the Maps interface
          2. Asking For Directions
            1. Finding what you seek
            2. Sharing what you find
            3. Accessing a saved location
            4. Dropping a pin
            5. Getting directions
      4. Book III: Beyond the Basics
        1. Chapter 1: Backing Up and Restoring Your Data
          1. Understanding Different Backup Options
            1. Backing up with external hard drives
            2. Storing backups on USB flash drives
            3. Storing backups off-site
            4. Backing up to CDs or DVDs
          2. Blasting into the Past with Time Machine
            1. Setting up Time Machine
            2. Skipping files you don’t want to back up
            3. Retrieving files and folders
            4. Understanding Versions
            5. Restoring your entire backup
          3. Moving Your Backup from an Old Mac to a New Mac
          4. Working with Data-Recovery Programs
        2. Chapter 2: Protecting Your Mac against Local and Remote Threats
          1. Locking Down Your Mac
          2. Using Passwords
            1. Changing your password
            2. Applying password protection
          3. Encrypting Data with FileVault
            1. Setting up FileVault
            2. Turning off FileVault
          4. Using Firewalls
            1. Configuring the Mac firewall
            2. Buying a more robust firewall
          5. Selecting Privacy Settings
          6. Creating Multiple Accounts
            1. Adding a new user account
            2. Activating a Sharing Only account
            3. Switching between accounts
            4. Deleting an account
          7. A Few Final Security Tips
        3. Chapter 3: Networking Your Mac and Connecting Peripherals
          1. Creating a Wired Network
          2. Creating a Wireless Network
            1. Setting up a computer-to-computer network
            2. Setting up a wireless network with a router
          3. Connecting and Choosing a Printer
          4. Biting into Bluetooth
            1. Configuring Bluetooth on your Mac
            2. Pairing a Bluetooth device
            3. Sharing through Bluetooth
        4. Chapter 4: Sharing Files and Resources on a Network
          1. Sharing Files with People Near and Far
            1. Using AirDrop
            2. Using a network
          2. Sharing Printers
          3. Sharing an Internet Connection
          4. Seeing Your Screen from Afar
            1. Sharing your screen
            2. Accessing your Mac
        5. Chapter 5: Running Windows on a Mac
          1. Giving Your Mac a Split Personality with Boot Camp
            1. Choosing an operating system with Boot Camp
            2. Sharing Mac and Windows files
            3. Removing Windows from your Mac
          2. Using Virtual Machines
          3. Using CrossOver Mac
        6. Chapter 6: Maintenance and Troubleshooting
          1. Shutting Down Frozen or Hung-Up Programs
          2. Handling Startup Troubles
            1. Booting up in Safe Mode
            2. Uninstalling apps
          3. Repairing and Maintaining Storage Drives
            1. Verifying disk permissions
            2. Verifying a disk
            3. Performing a Recovery Boot
            4. Booting from another Mac through a Thunderbolt cable
            5. Reinstalling the operating system
            6. Wipe out!
          4. Removing Jammed CDs or DVDs
          5. Automating Preventive Maintenance
      5. Book IV: Your Mac as Multimedia Entertainment Center
        1. Chapter 1: Tuning In and Listening with iTunes
          1. Getting to Know the iTunes Window
          2. Adjusting iTunes Preferences
          3. Playing Audio with iTunes
            1. Listening to CDs
            2. Importing a CD’s audio tracks into iTunes
            3. Importing digital audio files
            4. Searching your iTunes library
            5. Playing digital audio files
            6. Burning an audio CD
          4. Playing Around with Playlists
            1. Creating an ordinary playlist
            2. Creating a Smart Playlist
            3. Letting your Genius free
            4. Deleting a playlist
          5. Listening to the Radio
            1. Playing iTunes Radio
            2. Streaming Internet radio
          6. Playing Digital Video Files
          7. Shopping at the iTunes Store
            1. When you know what you’re looking for
            2. Downloading media from iTunes
          8. Sharing the Wealth
            1. Sharing over a network
            2. Enabling Home Sharing
            3. Sharing from the iTunes Store
        2. Chapter 2: Watching Videos and Movies on Your Mac
          1. Making Sense of Video Disc Formats
          2. Understanding Digital Video Formats
          3. Playing a Digital Video File
          4. Using QuickTime Player
          5. Playing a DVD
            1. Understanding full-screen mode and window mode
            2. Viewing the DVD and Title menus
            3. Skipping through a video
            4. Viewing frames in steps and slow motion
            5. Skipping by chapters
            6. Placing bookmarks in a video
            7. Viewing closed captioning
            8. Viewing different camera angles
            9. Choosing different audio tracks
            10. Enhancing your viewing experience
            11. Using the DVD Player Timer
            12. Ejecting a DVD
            13. Customizing DVD Player
        3. Chapter 3: Importing, Viewing, Organizing, and Sharing Photos
          1. Understanding Digital Photography
            1. Flash memory cards
            2. Digital image file formats
          2. Transferring Digital Images to the Mac
            1. Defining a default app for retrieving photos
            2. Retrieving photos using Image Capture
            3. Retrieving photos using iPhoto
            4. Moving photos from other folders into iPhoto
            5. Retrieving photos by using the SDxD memory card reader
          3. Capturing Photos from Other Sources
            1. Capturing photos with Photo Booth
            2. Capturing photos from websites
          4. Organizing Photos with iPhoto
            1. Organizing the Events library
            2. Tagging photos
            3. Storing photos in albums and folders
            4. Organizing photos with Faces and Places
          5. Editing Photos with iPhoto
          6. Sharing Photos
            1. Printing photos
            2. Sending photos in a message
            3. Posting your photos
            4. Using Photo Stream
            5. Ordering books, calendars, and cards
        4. Chapter 4: Making Movies with iMovie
          1. Seeing How iMovie Works
          2. Working with the Event Library
            1. Importing video from a device
            2. Importing a digital video file
            3. Organizing the Event Library
          3. Creating an iMovie Project
            1. Selecting video clips
            2. Editing video clips in a project
          4. Using Special Effects
            1. Applying special effects
            2. Adjusting the quality of a clip
            3. Two-image video effects
          5. Deleting an iMovie Project
          6. Making a Trailer for Your Movie
          7. Sharing Your Movie
        5. Chapter 5: Making Your Own Kind of Music with GarageBand
          1. Recording Audio
            1. Creating music with software instruments
            2. Interpreting the Control bar
            3. Playing with a real instrument
            4. Using Apple Loops
          2. Editing Audio Tracks
            1. Expanding track views
            2. Splitting a track
            3. Joining a track
            4. Moving tracks
            5. Quantize the times of real and Software Instruments
            6. Groove matching
          3. Saving Music
            1. Saving a song in iTunes
            2. Saving a song as a ringtone
            3. Sharing your song on SoundCloud
            4. Saving a song to your storage drive
            5. Burning a song to CD
          4. Learning to Play the Guitar and Piano
        6. Chapter 6: Reading, Listening, and Learning on Your Mac
          1. Thumbing through iBooks
            1. Finding something to read at the iBooks Store
            2. Shopping for books at the iTunes Store
            3. Adding books and files from other sources
            4. Reading by screenlight
            5. Sorting your books
          2. Continuing Education at iTunes U
            1. Choosing courses
            2. Attending class
          3. Finding and Playing Podcasts
            1. Managing your podcasts
            2. Listening to or watching podcasts
      6. Book V: Taking Care of Business
        1. Chapter 1: Managing Contacts
          1. Setting Up Contacts
            1. Viewing Contacts
            2. Designing your Contacts template
            3. Entering contacts
          2. Working with Contacts
            1. Searching contacts
            2. Editing a card
            3. Deleting a contact
            4. Creating groups
          3. Sharing Your Contacts
            1. Sending one contact at a time
            2. Exporting multiple cards
            3. Printing your Contacts
        2. Chapter 2: Staying on Schedule with Calendar
          1. Getting Acquainted with Calendar
          2. Working with Multiple Calendars
            1. Creating a new calendar
            2. Accessing calendars from other accounts
            3. Subscribing to online calendars
            4. Importing Calendar data
            5. Creating a new calendar group
            6. Moving a calendar or group
            7. Renaming and deleting calendars and groups
          3. Creating and Modifying Events
            1. Viewing events
            2. Creating an event
            3. Editing an event
            4. Moving an event
            5. Deleting an event
          4. Finding Events
            1. Color-coding events
            2. Selectively hiding events
            3. Checking for today’s events
            4. Checking events for a specific date
            5. Searching for an event
            6. Exporting Calendar data
            7. Sharing your calendars
            8. Backing up Calendar data and restoring a backup file
            9. Printing a Calendar file
          5. Organizing Tasks with Reminders
            1. Creating new Reminders tasks
            2. Making new lists
            3. Adding Reminders from other accounts
        3. Chapter 3: Creating Documents with Pages
          1. Working with Document Templates
            1. Choosing a template
            2. Replacing placeholder text
            3. Replacing placeholder photos and graphics
            4. Adding pages or sections to your document
            5. Moving around your document
          2. Working with Text
            1. Editing text
            2. Formatting text
            3. Adjusting line spacing, justification, and margins
          3. Creating and Placing Text Boxes
            1. Creating a text box
            2. Moving a text box
            3. Resizing a text box
            4. Uniting text boxes
          4. Using Styles
            1. Using a paragraph style
            2. Using an image style
            3. Using a text box style
          5. Creating Charts and Tables
            1. Adding and removing a chart
            2. Adding a table
            3. Adding shapes
            4. Arranging objects
            5. Wrapping text around an object
          6. Polishing Your Document
            1. Spell-checking a document
            2. Finding and replacing text
          7. Saving Your Documents on Your Mac or iCloud
          8. Printing Your Documents
          9. Exporting to a Different File Format
        4. Chapter 4: Presenting with Keynote
          1. Creating a Presentation
            1. Choosing a theme and saving your presentation
            2. Opening an existing file
            3. Finding your way around Keynote
            4. Adding slides
          2. Manipulating Text
            1. Entering text
            2. Inserting text boxes
            3. Editing text
            4. Formatting text and text boxes
          3. Adding Shapes, Charts, and Tables
            1. Inserting predrawn shapes
            2. Aligning and arranging objects
            3. Adding a chart
            4. Adding a table
          4. Adding Media Files
            1. Adding sound
            2. Adding photos or movies
          5. Rearranging Slides
            1. Creating groups of slides
            2. Deleting a slide
            3. Skipping a slide
          6. Creating Transitions and Effects
            1. Creating a slide transition
            2. Creating text and graphic effects
            3. Adding hyperlinks to your presentation
          7. Using Masters to Customize Themes
          8. Polishing Your Presentation
            1. Viewing a presentation
            2. Rehearsing a presentation
            3. Preparing for your big event
            4. Letting others run your presentation
        5. Chapter 5: Crunching with Numbers
          1. Understanding the Parts of a Numbers Spreadsheet
          2. Creating a Numbers Spreadsheet
            1. Creating a new spreadsheet with a template
            2. Opening an existing file
          3. Working with Sheets
            1. Adding a sheet
            2. Deleting a sheet
            3. Adding or removing a table
            4. Resizing a table
            5. Changing the appearance of a table
            6. Inserting headers and resizing rows and columns
          4. Typing Data into Tables
            1. Formatting numbers and text
            2. Typing formulas
            3. Formatting data entry cells
            4. Sorting data
            5. Deleting data in cells
            6. Adding a chart
            7. Naming sheets, tables, and charts
          5. Making Your Spreadsheets Pretty
            1. Adding a text box
            2. Adding media
          6. Sharing Your Spreadsheet
            1. Printing a spreadsheet
            2. Exporting a spreadsheet
            3. Sharing files directly from Numbers
        6. Chapter 6: Getting the Most Out of iWork
          1. Inserting Media from Other Sources
          2. Copying and Pasting
          3. Finding and Replacing
          4. Modifying Photos
            1. Masking a photo
            2. Making a picture transparent with Instant Alpha
            3. Using Adjust Image
          5. Adding Comments
          6. Finding More Templates
      7. About the Authors
      8. Cheat Sheet
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    • Title: Macs All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition
    • Author(s): Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd
    • Release date: May 2014
    • Publisher(s): For Dummies
    • ISBN: 9781118822104