Chapter 2

Corresponding with Mail

In This Chapter

arrow Configuring an e-mail account

arrow Writing e-mail

arrow Receiving and reading e-mail

arrow Organizing mailboxes and mail

arrow Cleaning up junk e-mail

Some futurists say that e-mail, like its paper-based predecessor, is being replaced — in this case, by social networks and by text messages exchanged via mobile phones and other handheld devices. No doubt there are examples of a start-up receiving funding after a Facebook exchange. However — for now, anyway — e-mail remains the professional, not to mention private, secure, and trackable, method of electronic communication. E-mail is fast, (almost always) free, and accessible to anyone with a computer, smartphone, tablet, or e-reader and an Internet connection.

When you have an e-mail account, you have two choices for reading and writing messages:

  • Through a web browser, such as Safari or Firefox (see the preceding chapter for the lowdown on Safari)
  • Through an e-mail application, such as the Mac’s free Mail ...

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