Chapter 3

Chatting with Messages and FaceTime

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up an account

arrow Chatting about other chat applications

arrow Adding your best buddies

arrow Chatting via text, audio, and video

arrow Saving chats

arrow Calling other Apple devices with FaceTime

The idea behind instant messaging (IM) is that you communicate with someone over the Internet by using text, audio, or video — and it’s all free. (Well, it’s sort of free, when you ignore the fact that you’re probably paying your broadband Internet provider a pretty penny every month so you can access the Internet.)

Now you can swap messages with your friends, chat in real time across the planet, and even see each other through live video windows while you speak. Instant messaging offers another way for you to communicate with anyone in the world, using an Internet connection and your Mac.

By using your Mac’s Messages app, you can exchange basic ...

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