Chapter 1

Managing Contacts

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up Contacts

arrow Editing, searching, deleting, and grouping contacts

arrow Sharing contacts

Your Mac comes with a contact management app called (surprise!) Contacts. Here you store names of people and businesses along with all sorts of information about them: phone numbers; street addresses; virtual addresses, such as those used for e-mail, instant messaging, or websites; social network usernames; and more intimate information, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and relations. Besides storing contact names and related contact information, Contacts can display contact information from more than one source, and it syncs with your iOS or Android devices — meaning that if you make a change to contact information on one device or computer, it’s automatically updated on all your devices. Contacts also connects with other applications on your Mac so you can click someone’s e-mail address and immediately

  • Write and send an e-mail or message to that person.
  • Open a FaceTime conversation.
  • Click a street address and see it in Maps.

If by chance you still send letters or gifts the old-fashioned postal way, you can also print envelopes and mailing labels, ...

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