Chapter 5

Crunching with Numbers

In This Chapter

arrow Getting to know the Numbers spreadsheet

arrow Creating a spreadsheet

arrow Using sheets

arrow Working with tables and charts

arrow Polishing a spreadsheet

arrow Printing and sharing your spreadsheet

Numbers is a spreadsheet application designed to help you manipulate and calculate numbers for a wide variety of tasks, such as balancing a budget, calculating a loan, and creating an invoice. The Numbers application also lets you create line, bar, and pie charts that help you analyze your data graphically. What’s more, Numbers offers organizational and layout capabilities that you won’t find in other spreadsheet apps.

In this chapter, we explain the parts of a spreadsheet; then we explain how to create a new spreadsheet on your Mac or iCloud, or open an existing spreadsheet created in a different application. We show you how to work with your data on a spreadsheet, ...

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