Macs All-in-One For Dummies, 5th Edition

Book description

Your all-in-one guide to the wonderful world of your Mac

Are you getting the most from your Mac? Given what’s possible, it’s pretty unlikely.  Whether you’re just beginning your journey or are already a seasoned traveler, the six information-packed minibooks included in Macs All-in-One for Dummies open up a world of knowledge, from how to set up a recently bought Mac to exploring the coolest new features on your beloved device. 

Now updated with what you need to know about the newest generation of hardware and software, Macs All-in-One For Dummies is your guide to simply everything: protecting your Mac; backing up and restoring data with Time Machine; managing applications on the Dock, Launchpad, and Desktop; syncing with iCloud, organizing your life with Calendar, Reminders, Notes, and Notifications; presenting with Keynote; crunching with Numbers; getting creative with iMovie and GarageBand—the list goes on! 

  • Explore the newest version of MacOS
  • Set up and customize a new Mac with ease
  • Become more efficient, professional, smart, and creative with the latest must-have apps
  • Use Home Sharing to stream content to other computers, iOS devices, and Apple TVs
  • Dive into six books in one place: Mac Basics, Online Communications, Beyond the Basics, Your Mac as a Multimedia Entertainment Center, Taking Care of Business, and Mac Networking

Whatever you want from your world of Mac, you’ll find it here—as well as a million other incredible things you’ll love. Get started on your new Mac journey today!  

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Foolish Assumptions
    3. Icons Used in This Book
    4. Beyond the Book
    5. Where to Go from Here
  3. Book 1: Getting Started with Your Mac
    1. Chapter 1: Starting to Use Your Mac
      1. Examining Different Mac Models
      2. Starting Your Mac
      3. Turning Off Your Mac
      4. Understanding Mac Processors
      5. Exploring Your Mac’s Inner Workings
    2. Chapter 2: Getting Acquainted with the Mac User Interface
      1. Looking at Menus, Dialogs, and Windows
      2. Mastering the Mouse, Trackpad, and Keyboard
      3. Getting to Know the Parts of the Desktop
      4. Getting to Know Siri
      5. Getting Help
    3. Chapter 3: Making Your First Connections
      1. Setting Up an Internet Connection
      2. Establishing Your Apple Identity
      3. Keeping Your Data in iCloud
      4. Setting Up Email and Social Network Accounts
    4. Chapter 4: Working with Files and Folders
      1. Getting to Know the Finder
      2. Navigating the Finder
      3. Organizing and Viewing Folders
      4. Creating Folders
      5. Playing Tag: Classify Files and Folders for Quick Access
      6. Manipulating Files and Folders
      7. Archiving Files and Folders
      8. Searching Files
      9. Deleting a File or Folder
    5. Chapter 5: Managing Apps on the Dock, Launchpad, and Desktop
      1. Launching an App
      2. Switching among Applications
      3. Quitting Apps
      4. Creating Alias Icons
      5. Working with Dock Aliases
      6. Organizing Multiple Desktops with Spaces
      7. Acquiring New Apps
      8. Installing Applications
      9. Updating Applications and System Software
      10. Uninstalling Applications
      11. Paying Attention to App Security
    6. Chapter 6: Changing How Your Mac Looks, Sounds, and Feels
      1. Changing the Desktop and Screen Saver
      2. Changing the Display and Appearance
      3. Changing the Date and Time
      4. Adjusting Sounds
      5. Noticing Notifications
      6. Working in Split-View Mode
      7. Using Your Mac’s Accessibility Features
      8. Enabling Switch Control
      9. Speaking with Your Mac
  4. Book 2: Using the Internet
    1. Chapter 1: Browsing the Web with Safari
      1. Browsing Websites
      2. Organizing Your Website Experience
      3. Storing Personal Info and Keeping It Private
      4. Saving and Sharing Web Pages
      5. Viewing and Playing Multimedia Files
      6. Downloading Files
      7. Using Extensions
    2. Chapter 2: Corresponding with Mail
      1. Adding an Email Account to Mail
      2. Looking at the Mail Window
      3. Writing Emails
      4. Receiving and Reading Email
      5. Organizing Email
      6. Dealing with Junk Email
      7. Deleting and Archiving Messages
    3. Chapter 3: Chatting with Messages and FaceTime
      1. Getting Started in Messages
      2. Chatting with Others
      3. Making Calls with FaceTime
    4. Chapter 4: Using Apple Pay and Apple Card
      1. Paying for Purchases with Apple Pay
      2. Using Apple Card
    5. Chapter 5: Moving Around with Maps
      1. Wherever You Go, There You Are
      2. Asking for Directions
  5. Book 3: Beyond the Basics
    1. Chapter 1: Backing Up and Restoring Your Data
      1. Using iCloud for Your Data
      2. Understanding Different Backup Options
      3. Blasting into the Past with Time Machine
      4. Moving Your Backup from an Old Mac to a New Mac
      5. Working with Data-Recovery Programs
      6. Getting Rid of What You No Longer Need
    2. Chapter 2: Protecting Your Mac against Local and Remote Threats
      1. Locking Down Your Mac
      2. Using Passwords
      3. Using Touch ID
      4. Encrypting Data with FileVault
      5. Using Firewalls
      6. Selecting Privacy Settings
      7. Creating Multiple Accounts
      8. Defining Parental Controls
      9. A Few Final Security Tips
    3. Chapter 3: Networking Your Mac and Connecting Peripherals
      1. Creating a Wired Network
      2. Creating a Wireless Network with a Router
      3. Connecting and Choosing a Printer
      4. Biting into Bluetooth
    4. Chapter 4: Sharing Files and Resources on a Network
      1. Sharing Files with People Near and Far
      2. Sharing Printers
      3. Seeing Your Screen from Afar
    5. Chapter 5: Running Windows on a Mac
      1. Working with BYOD and a Heterogeneous Computer Environment
      2. Using Boot Camp
    6. Chapter 6: Maintenance and Troubleshooting
      1. Shutting Down Frozen or Hung-Up Programs
      2. Handling Startup Troubles
      3. Repairing and Maintaining Storage Drives
      4. Removing Jammed CDs or DVDs
  6. Book 4: Using Your Mac as a Media Center
    1. Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted with Media on Your Mac
      1. Using Your Apple ID to Enjoy and Share Media
      2. Getting into the Media Apps in macOS Catalina
    2. Chapter 2: Tuning In and Listening with Music
      1. Getting to Know the Music App
      2. Working with Playlists
      3. Organizing Your Music
      4. Adjusting Music Preferences
      5. Playing Audio with Music
      6. Listening to the Radio
      7. Shopping at the iTunes Store
    3. Chapter 3: Enjoying Podcasts, News, and TV
      1. Finding and Playing Podcasts
      2. Reading the News: Extra, Extra, Read All about It!
      3. Watching TV on Your Mac
    4. Chapter 4: Reading and Listening to Books on Your Mac
      1. Thumbing through Books
    5. Chapter 5: Looking at Photos
      1. Understanding Digital Photography
      2. Transferring Digital Images to the Mac
      3. Organizing Your Photo Library
      4. Capturing Photos with Photo Booth
      5. Editing Photos with Photos
      6. Sharing Photos
  7. Book 5: Taking Care of Business
    1. Chapter 1: Managing Contacts
      1. Setting Up Contacts
      2. Working with Contacts
      3. Sharing Your Contacts
    2. Chapter 2: Staying on Schedule with Calendar
      1. Getting Acquainted with Calendar
      2. Working with Multiple Calendars
      3. Creating and Modifying Events
      4. Finding Events
      5. Organizing Tasks with Reminders
    3. Chapter 3: Creating Documents with Pages
      1. Working with Document Templates
      2. Working with Text
      3. Creating and Placing Text Boxes
      4. Using Styles
      5. Creating Charts and Tables
      6. Polishing Your Document
      7. Saving Your Documents on Your Mac or iCloud
      8. Printing Your Documents
      9. Exporting to a Different File Format
    4. Chapter 4: Presenting with Keynote
      1. Creating a Presentation
      2. Manipulating Text
      3. Adding Shapes, Charts, and Tables
      4. Adding Media Files
      5. Rearranging Slides
      6. Creating Transitions and Effects
      7. Using Masters to Customize Themes
      8. Polishing Your Presentation
    5. Chapter 5: Crunching with Numbers
      1. Understanding the Parts of a Numbers Spreadsheet
      2. Creating a Numbers Spreadsheet
      3. Working with Sheets
      4. Typing Data into Tables
      5. Making Your Spreadsheets Pretty
      6. Sharing Your Spreadsheet
    6. Chapter 6: Getting the Most Out of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
      1. Collaborating with Keynote, Pages, and Numbers
      2. Inserting Media from Other Sources
      3. Copying and Pasting
      4. Modifying Photos
      5. Adding Comments
      6. Finding More Templates
  8. Index
  9. About the Authors
  10. Connect with Dummies
  11. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Macs All-in-One For Dummies, 5th Edition
  • Author(s): Joe Hutsko, Barbara Boyd, Jesse Feiler, Doug Sahlin
  • Release date: January 2020
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119607984