Chapter 10

Delivering the Goods on E-Mail

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up e-mail accounts

arrow Composing messages

arrow Receiving messages

arrow Dealing with attachments

arrow Handling junk mail

arrow Getting tutored on Smart Mailboxes

Electronic mail is a blessing and a curse.

Why you can’t live without e-mail: Messages typically reach the person to whom they’re addressed in a few seconds, compared with a few days for snail mail. (That’s the pejorative label geeks have tattooed on regular postal mail.) You won’t waste time licking envelopes, either.

Why e-mail drives you batty: It won’t take long before you’re likely buried under an avalanche of messages, much of it junk mail, or spam.

Not that any mail system is perfect. You can only imagine the snide comments heard in the day of the Pony Express: “Love that I got my tax refund and Sears catalog, but the stench on that steed … ”

If you’re an e-mail tyro, you discover ...

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