Chapter 17

The Show Must Go On

In This Chapter

arrow Forming your own GarageBand

arrow Taking lessons from the pros

arrow Sharing your work

Do you fancy yourself a rock icon, with your face plastered on the covers of Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly? Groupies stalking you wherever you go? Your band’s very own tour bus? I know — it’s all about the music. Whatever’s driving you, GarageBand is iLife’s digital recording studio for making your mark in the music biz.

If you’re inclined to skip this chapter because you can’t distinguish an F-sharp from a B-flat, take note: You need not read music, play an instrument, or possess a lick of musical talent to compose a ditty through GarageBand. You can even learn to play guitar or piano with GarageBand’s assistance, as well as take lessons from artists such as John Legend, Sting, and Norah Jones.

Sure, having a good ear helps. And if you actually can belt out a tune, tickle the ivories, or jam with the best of them, all the better. Connect a microphone, piano keyboard, or electric guitar to the Mac, and exploit GarageBand to the max.

The current version of GarageBand is version 10.0, which confusingly arrived after its immediate predecessor, GarageBand ...

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