Chapter 6

Working with Printers and Scanners


Bullet Add a USB Printer to Your System

Bullet Print a File

Bullet Choose a Default Printer

Bullet Remove a Printer

Bullet Create a PDF Document

Bullet Install a USB Scanner

No matter what you use your Mac for, it can produce outstanding documents with today’s printers.

You’re not limited to a printer, either: Use a scanner or multifunction printer to produce impressive electronic documents in PDF format.

In this chapter, you find out how to

  • Install a local USB printer.
  • Print a file.
  • Remove a printer from your system.
  • Produce a PDF electronic document.
  • Install a USB scanner.

Add a USB Printer to Your System

image Here’s the most common task that you’ll probably want to tackle soon after setting up macOS: printing documents. Most of us have a Universal Serial Bus (USB) ...

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