Chapter 12

Playing Games in Catalina


Bullet Play Chess

Bullet Download New Games from Apple

Bullet Play Games Online

Although macOS comes with at least one game — an excellent version of chess — the Mac has never been considered a serious gaming platform by most computer owners. Until recently, many popular Windows games were never released in versions for the Mac, and only the most expensive Mac models had a first-rate 3D video card.

However, all of today’s Mac models feature muscle car–quality video cards that can handle most complex 3D graphics with ease. Match that capability with the growing popularity of the Mac as a home computer and the performance of the current crop of Intel-based processors, and your Mac is quite the game machine.

In this chapter, you

  • Play 3D chess with your Mac.
  • Download new games (and other software) for your Mac from the App Store.
  • Find out more about online gaming.

Play Chess

Chess has no flashy weapons and no cities to raze, but it’s still the world’s most popular game, and the macOS version even includes 3D pizzazz. Figure 12-1 illustrates the Chess application at play; you can find it in your Applications folder.

As you might expect, ...

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