Products and customers import

Magento provides an out-of-the-box mass import and export functionality via the following modules:

  • AdvancedPricingImportExport
  • BundleImportExport
  • CatalogImportExport
  • ConfigurableImportExport
  • CustomerImportExport
  • GroupedImportExport
  • ImportExport
  • TaxImportExport

The heart of the import functionality actually lies in the ImportExport module, while other modules provide individual import and export entities through the vendor/magento/module-{partialModuleName}-import-export/etc/import.xml and vendor/magento/module-{partialModuleName}-import-export/etc/export.xml files.

These functionalities can be accessed from the Magento admin area from the System | Data Transfer menu. They enable us to export and import several entity types, ...

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