Chapter 2. Enabling Performance in Magento 2

In this chapter, we will cover the basic tasks related to optimizing your performance in Magento 2. You will learn the following recipes:

  • Configuring Redis for backend cache
  • Configuring Memcached for session caching
  • Configuring Varnish as a Full Page Cache
  • Configuring Magento 2 with CloudFlare
  • Configuring optimized images in Magento 2
  • Configuring Magento 2 with HTTP/2
  • Configuring Magento 2 performance testing


This chapter explains one of the most important elements of Magento. From the early Magento days, performance has been a hard topic to cover. Many setups out there in the e-commerce world are performance-great, but most of the time, the majority are having issues. Magento 1 may not be the best ...

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