Recent developments in the manipulation of magnetic domain walls in CoFeB–MgO wires for applications to high-density nonvolatile memories

D. Ravelosona1; L. Herrera Diez1; W. Zhao1; M. Klaui2; B. Ockert3; R. Mantovan4; A. Lamperti4; L. Baldi5; V. Jacques6; L. Vila7; R. Cowburn8; J.P. Adam1; G. Agnus1; I. Barisik1; C. Burrowes1; C. Chappert1; T. Devolder1; A. Digiacomo1,4; S. Eimer1; K. Garcia1; F. Garcia Sanchez1; M. El Hadri1; J.-V. Kim1; W. Lin1; N. Vernier1; Y. Zhang1; G. Tallarida4; M. Fanciulli4; L. Lazzarini4; L. Nasi4; M. Marianni4; T. Hingant6; J.-P. Tetienne6    1 Université Paris Sud-CNRS, Orsay, France2 Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Mainz, Germany3 Singulus Technology AG, Kahl am Main, Germany4 IMM-CNR, Agrate Brianza ...

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