Chapter 8

WHEELS . . . of Motion Not Attached to a Bus

imageThat evening was one of the nicest that Cybil could remember them having together as a family. They relaxed, ate dinner, and talked about each other’s day: Dave’s current project for a big client and Ben’s success at the bake sale and his new friend. In between large bites of drumstick and his green-bean-building efforts, Ben described this friend as a very serious type who kept cleaning up the sprinkles that fell off his cookies and landed on the table. She was the one who had been put in charge of collecting the money for the bake sale. The girl, who kept a running total of sales, had fussed at Ben for offering discounts to those who would buy three or more cookies.

Ben was the quintessential salesman, and his new friend was his opposite in so many ways. Cybil couldn’t help but think of her as a budding Organizer preference. It wouldn’t have surprised her if this young lady showed up as a CPA at Ben’s class reunion one day. Cybil also cautioned herself to remember that people have all kinds of experiences that could cause them to hide who they are and act like someone else. She hoped this wouldn’t happen to this little girl, whom she had never met, and taught Ben how to compliment her (or at least an Organizer dominant preference) by mentioning very specific actions when he told her she did a great job managing the bake sale ...

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