Chapter 9

HABITS . . . That Help You Be You and Let Them Be Them

imageOver the coming weeks, Cybil and the trainer worked closely together to continue the development of her new habits. Cybil hired her as a coach, to keep up the momentum of not only an invaluable relationship, but the wealth of information that had become an indispensable resource in Cybil’s life.

She’d picked up Contagious Leadership and a few other resources, and found renewed interest in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. The books seemed to speak directly to her and allow her to maintain her focus on thoughts that were helpful, healthy, and people-oriented. Keeping her energy positive and focused helped her accomplish even more and feel more successful. The old habits were hard to break, but she now acknowledged that when her Organizer preference came out in stressful situations, she could accept it and then let it pass. She no longer continued to suppress her emotions.

Cybil was amazed at how much energy she had spent faking it for so long. Things began to improve more and more the less she faked being someone she wasn’t. The trainer described it in one of their Phase 3 ongoing training sessions as “putting on the game face.”

“Have any of you ever put on a game face to go to work?” she said to the class. There were a few nods and a few confused looks.

“Okay, what I mean is, have any of you ever psyched yourself ...

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