Make: Easy 1+2+3 Projects

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From the pages of Make: magazine comes this collection of dozens of projects you can make in your home or school workshop. You'll learn how to create toys and games from stuff you have lying around, create unusual and inspiring home improvements, and even find some new ways to have fun outdoors. You might even learn something along the way: electronics, flight, science, math, and engineering. In this book, you'll make:

  • Batteries from everyday things
  • Banana tattoos
  • LED throwies
  • Piezo contact microphone
  • Paper water bomber
  • Box fan beef jerky

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Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Preface
  3. Part I: Toys and Games
    1. Fast Toy Wood Car by Ed Lewis
    2. Action Root Beer Pong by Cy Tymony
    3. Mini Foosball Game by Cy Tymony
    4. Party Popper Toy Cannon by Paul Rawlinson
    5. Dice Popper by Gus Dassios
    6. Ping-Ponger by Edwin Wise
    7. Building Block Picture Puzzles by Jason Poel Smith
    8. Custom Memory Game by Julie A. Finn
    9. Candy Alert by Cy Tymony
    10. Coffee Shop Construction Toy by Ian Gonsher
    11. Alien Projector by Brian McNamara
    12. Safe Bamboo Swords by David Battino
    13. Boomerang by Cy Tymony
    14. Paper Water Bomber by Ewan Spence
    15. High-Pressure Foam Rocket by Rick Schertle
    16. Remote-Controlled Camera Mount by Ben Wendt
    17. Origami Flying Disc by Cy Tymony
    18. Two-Cent Wobbler by George W. Hart
  4. Part II: Arts and Crafts
    1. Mini Spin Art Machine by Riley Mullen
    2. Cut-and-Fold Center Finder by Andrew Lewis
    3. Mechanical Image Duplicator by Cy Tymony
    4. Label-Etch a Glass Bottle by Sean Michael Ragan
    5. Tin Can Copper Tan by Andrew Lewis
    6. How to Tattoo a Banana by Jason Poel Smith
    7. Sneaky Milk Plastic by Cy Tymony
    8. Boing Box by Mark Frauenfelder
    9. PET Bottle Purse by Zitta Schnitt
    10. Duct Tape Double by Paloma Fautley
    11. Simple Light-Up Hoodie by Craig Couden
    12. Wind-Triggered Lantern by Morten Skogly
    13. Bokeh Photography Effect by Sindri Diego
  5. Part III: Science and Electronics
    1. Vibrobot by Mark Frauenfelder
    2. Magnetic Switches from Everyday Things by Cy Tymony
    3. Board Feet by Sean Michael Ragan
    4. Batteries from Everyday Things by Cy Tymony
    5. Springboard by Casey Shea
    6. Easy Motor by Cy Tymony
    7. Sculpting Circuits by Samuel Johnson and AnnMarie Thomas
    8. Cup Positioning System by Cy Tymony
    9. Dizzy Robot by Steve Hoefer
    10. Sensor SenseAbility by Cy Tymony
    11. Rear-View Power Socket by Doug Watson
    12. Aircraft Band Receiver by Cy Tymony
    13. Smartphone Signal Generator by Jacob Bening
    14. Shaker Flashlight Modification by Cy Tymony
    15. LED Throwies by Graffiti Research Lab
    16. Cup Speaker and Microphone by Cy Tymony
    17. Paper Clip Record Player by Phil Bowie
    18. Piezo Contact Mic by Justin Emerson
    19. $5 Smartphone Projector by Photojojo/Danny Osterweil
    20. Hypsometer by Cy Tymony
    21. Curie Engine by John Iovine
    22. Sound Sucker by William Gurstelle
    23. Sneaky UV Ink Password Protector by Cy Tymony
  6. Part IV: Home and Outdoors
    1. Stud Chair by Corky Mork
    2. Stain PVC Any Color by Sean Michael Ragan
    3. Clothes Folding Board by Jason Poel Smith
    4. Give Old Work Jeans New Legs by Gregory Hayes
    5. Custom Soda Cooler by Jason Poel Smith
    6. Paper Clip Paper Holder by Gus Dassios
    7. Omnidirectional Spray Bottle by Jason Poel Smith
    8. Burnt Cookie Deflector by Thomas R. Fox
    9. Box Fan Beef Jerky by Paloma Fautley
    10. Trash Can Composter by Thomas J. Arey
    11. Keyboard Refrigerator Magnets by Jason Poel Smith
    12. World’s Cheapest Monopod by Gus Dassios
    13. Realistic Duct Tape Rose by Jason Poel Smith
    14. Urban Survival Button by Cy Tymony
    15. Easy Boombox by Matthew T. Miller
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Product information

  • Title: Make: Easy 1+2+3 Projects
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2015
  • Publisher(s): Make: Community
  • ISBN: 9781680450446