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Board Feet

Written by Sean Michael Ragan Illustrations by Julie West

You will need

Development board with 3+ mounting holes such as Arduino Uno, BeagleBone Black, etc.

14mm × 8 mm recessed rubber bumper (4) Uxcell #A11120700UX0247

M3 × 10mm F/F threaded hex standoff (4) McMaster-Carr 92080A110

M3 lock washer (8) McMaster-Carr 91111A118

M3 × 8mm JIS pan head Phillips machine screw (8) McMaster-Carr 94102A103

M3 flat washer (8) McMaster-Carr 93475A210

Phillips head screwdriver

Electrical tape



When working with Arduino and other boards, most people just set the bare PCB down on the bench, hook up cables and components, and go. ...

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