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Paper is amazing stuff. It's cheap, easy to use, and easy to recycle. It's lightweight and easy to cut or tear--but incredibly strong when folded, layered, or rolled. It can stand stiff as a board, pop up like a spring, or hang softly like a silk scarf. It's disposable, but it can last for centuries. Its surface can be rough, or creamy smooth, or shiny. Sometimes it's so thin you can see through it; other times, it's thick enough to hold globs of paint. But it can also be beautiful, all on its own.

The projects in Paper Inventions were inspired by the many different varieties of paper, from fancy artists' watercolor paper to recycled copy paper, and the many different ways it is used. Whether you like to make crafts or play with electronics, there's a project that will challenge you and unleash your creativity.

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Table of contents

  1. Preface
    1. Acknowledgments
    2. Conventions Used in This Book
    3. Safari® Books Online
    4. How to Contact Us
  2. The Paper Inventions Supply Cabinet
    1. Paper
    2. Art Materials
    3. Sewing Supplies
    4. Housewares/Groceries/Dollar Store
    5. Hardware
    6. Electronics
    7. Extras You May Find Helpful
  3. 1. Paper Science
    1. The Invention of Paper
      1. The Science of Papermaking
    2. Project: Make Your Own Super Easy, Super Quick Recycled Paper
      1. Materials
      2. Edible Paper? Why Not?
    3. Project: Make Edible Rice Paper
      1. Materials
    4. Self-Folding Paper Models
      1. How to Turn Two Dimensions into Three
    5. Project: Make Self-Folding Paper Models
      1. Materials:
  4. 2. Paper Tech
    1. Paper Circuits
      1. Atoms and Charged Particles
      2. Electricity and Circuits
      3. How to Create a Paper Circuit
    2. Project: Build a Basic Paper Circuit
      1. Materials:
      2. More About Circuits: Adding Switches and Multiple LEDs
    3. Project: Make a Light-Up Paper Cat
      1. Materials:
      2. Paper Sensors and Special Effects
    4. Project: Make a Paper Tilt Sensor
      1. Materials:
    5. Paper Generators
    6. Project: Make a Paper Generator
      1. Materials:
      2. Version 1: Rubbing Generator
      3. Version 2: Tapping Generator
  5. 3. Paper Engineering
    1. Paper Structures
      1. Paper Under Pressure
      2. Building with Shapes
    2. Project: Make a Tabletop Tetrahedron
      1. Materials:
    3. Project: Make a Geodesic Dome Out of Newspaper
      1. Materials
    4. Paper Machines
    5. Project: Make a Paper Cam Sampler
      1. Materials
    6. Project: Build a Paper Space Rover Automaton
  6. 4. 3-D Paper Art
    1. Paper as an Art Material
      1. Curling Paper into Art
    2. Project: Learn to Make Quilling Shapes
      1. Materials
    3. Project: Make a Quilling Sun Spiral Design
      1. Materials
      2. Weaving Paper
    4. Project: Make a Woven Paper Wristband
      1. Materials
    5. Project: Open Weave Paper Link Basket
      1. Materials
  7. 5. Paper Math
    1. Paper Fractals
    2. Project: Fold a Paper Dragon Curve Fractal
      1. Materials
    3. The Amazing, Versatile Box Pleat
    4. Project: Action Origami Robot Worm
      1. Materials
    5. The Math of Cut Paper
    6. Project: Fold-and-One-Cut Star
      1. Materials
    7. Project: Make a Mobius Strip
      1. Materials
    8. Project: Make a Hexaflexagon
      1. Materials
  8. A. Templates
    1. Tips for Copying or Drawing Your Own Templates
    2. Self-Folding Paper Model Templates
  9. B. Paper Tech Templates
  10. C. Cam Sampler
  11. D. Space Rover
  12. E. Mobius Strip Results
  13. Index

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  • Title: Make: Paper Inventions
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2015
  • Publisher(s): Make: Community
  • ISBN: 9781457187520