All of the projects in this book use the Raspberry Pi. Read along to discover how to receive Twitter alerts through a lamp, collect temperature data from a fish tank, control a game with Raspberries (the actual fruit!), or even learn how to make your own wearable one man band.

Book-wide bill of materials

Table -1. Book-wide bill of materials
Item Item

Raspberry Pi (Models B or B+)

Pi Cobbler

2x ADXL 345 triple axis accelerometer breakout board (labeled GY-291)

2x 100 ohm resistor

2x piezoelectric transducer

7x 170 point mini breadboards

2x Bluetooth UART transceiver (board name JY-MCU, running HC-06 firmware)

2x 1M ohm resistor

2x USB to UART serial programmer (CP2102)

3x 40-pin male header strip

2x ATmega328P-PU (flashed ...

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