1+2+3 Tin Can Copper Tan

By Andrew Lewis

Copper-coat a tin can, turning it into an aesthetically pleasing, reusable container.

You will need: A tin can (tin-plated steel, not aluminum), muriatic acid (sold in hardware stores as a brick cleaner), hydrogen peroxide (from a drugstore), scraps of copper, splash-proof goggles, rubber gloves, waterproof apron, plastic container, soap, hot water

1. Wearing protective clothing in a ventilated area, mix 9 parts of muriatic acid to 1 part hydrogen peroxide in a plastic container. Slowly add scraps of copper, which will react with the acid solution and turn it a blue-green color. When the reaction slows and the copper stops dissolving, remove the remaining pieces of copper. The blue-green component is cupric ...

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