Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 37

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Everyone's buzzing about drones! Why? Because drones are cool and fun! They can be used to deliver pizza, as surveillance and security devices, for aerial photography and more! In MAKE's v37, we’ll look at all this, plus take a "maker's" view on drones: how DIY buffs can actually make one. There are over 25 pages in this special section, including a walk-through drone taxonomy (air/land/sea), the landscape of the law surrounding drones today, and a bird's eye view of the drone aerial photography project.

Other projects in this packed issue:

  • License plate guitar
  • Chameleon bag (changes colors based onwhat's missing from your bag!)
  • GPS cat collar
  • Zombie flashlight (uses dead batteries and empty chapstick tube)

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Product information

  • Title: Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 37
  • Author(s): Mark Frauenfelder
  • Release date: January 2014
  • Publisher(s): Make: Community
  • ISBN: 9781449363772