Make the Most of Your Workday

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Even if you don’t have your dream job, every day is precious and filled with opportunities. Make the Most of Your Workday challenges you to actively manage and make the most of workday possibilities and problems. With drive, determination, and optimism, it offers solutions to workday predicaments. You can take control; you don’t have to wait for leaders, people, or circumstances to change. No matter your level, situation, or dilemma, Mary shows you how to regroup, reframe, and bounce back.

Make the Most of Your Workday begins with six common scenarios. Can you relate to any of the following challenges?

Getting caught up in office dramas.
Watching workloads increase while resources decrease.
Feeling your interest, enthusiasm, and focus fade.
Yearning for effective leadership.
Wanting to avoid working with certain people.
Feeling at the mercy of technology.

Make the Most of Your Workday contains powerful strategies and tools from several key areas and combines them into a concise practical guide, from strengthening your mindset and self-awareness to identifying needs and goals, from prioritizing your time and energy to communicating effectively and managing the unexpected.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  7. INTRODUCTION: Get Your Hopes Up!
  8. 1: Today's Workday
    1. Application Tool: Your Current Workday
    2. Scenario 1: Drama, Change, and the Unexpected!
    3. Scenario 2: Please Do Not Call Us a Team!
    4. Scenario 3: Where Are the Leaders?
    5. Scenario 4: What's Wrong With Wanting to Take Care of People?
    6. Meeting the Challenges
    7. Summary
    8. Reflection and Action
  9. 2: Manage Yourself—It's All About You
    1. “Before” Profile for Nicole
    2. Self-awareness
    3. Your Personality
    4. Your Needs, Goals, and Dreams
    5. Application Tool: What Kind of Job Do You Have?
    6. Application Tool: Workday Balance Reflection
    7. Workday Interactions
    8. Application Tool: Self-Check
    9. Application Tool: Workday Chats and Check-ins
    10. “After” Profile for Nicole
    11. Summary
    12. Reflection and Action
  10. 3: Focus on Priorities—Yours, Mine, and Ours
    1. “Before” Profile for Carla and Jim
    2. Your Organization's Priorities
    3. Application Tool: Aligning Organization Goals With Team and Individual Goals
    4. Prioritization Approaches: Solo, Silo, or Team Collaboration
    5. Application Tool: Paper Plate Activity
    6. Application Tool: Team Matrix
    7. Key Points About Prioritization Tools
    8. Application Tool: The Case for Calm and Composure
    9. Application Tool: The Priority Shuffle
    10. Application Tool: Escalate—You Are Not Alone
    11. “After” Profile for Carla and Jim
    12. Summary
    13. Reflection and Action
  11. 4: Value Time and Energy
    1. “Before” Profile for Donna
    2. Some Things About Time
    3. Application Tool: Your Time Choices
    4. Some Things About Energy
    5. A Tale of Workday Warriors
    6. Connecting Time, Energy, and Focus
    7. Putting It All Together
    8. Application Tool: Seeing Time in Chunks
    9. Application Tool: Mind Map for a Day
    10. Application Tool: Flipping Things Around
    11. Tips and Traps
    12. Interruptions and Distractions
    13. “After” Profile for Donna
    14. Summary
    15. Reflection and Action
  12. 5: Communicate Effectively
    1. Our Needs and Communication
    2. Application Tools: Know Yourself
    3. Set Some Boundaries
    4. Visual, Vocal, and Verbal Communication
    5. Listening to Learn
    6. Strategic Communication: Tools for Problem-solving
    7. Choosing the Best Communication Method
    8. Summary
    9. Reflection and Action
  13. 6: Confront, Challenge, and Conquer Chaos
    1. Impact and Results of Chaos
    2. A Word About Good Chaos
    3. “Before” Profile for Josh and Lucas
    4. It's Not Me, It's You
    5. Strategies and Tools
    6. Stuff Happens
    7. The Connection of Saying No, Distractions, and Workload
    8. “After” Profile for Josh and Lucas
    9. Resiliency, Change, and Chaos
    10. Summary
    11. Reflection and Action
  14. 7: Choosing Change
    1. Your “Before”/Current Work Profile
    2. Relationships Need Roadmaps
    3. Your “After”/Desired Profile
    4. Change Is Good, Right?
    5. The Wake-up Call
    6. Your Action Plan and Next Steps
    7. Summary
  15. NOTES
    1. Introduction
    2. Chapter 1
    3. Chapter 2
    4. Chapter 3
    5. Chapter 4
    6. Chapter 5
    7. Chapter 6
    8. Chapter 7
  17. INDEX

Product information

  • Title: Make the Most of Your Workday
  • Author(s): Mary A. Camuto
  • Release date: May 2018
  • Publisher(s): Career Press
  • ISBN: 9781632658784