Make: Volume 82

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Responding effectively to emergencies, from short power outages on up to natural disasters lasting weeks or months, is almost always a result of preparation. With a little forethought, know-how, and advance planning, makers with a DIY and community mindset are fantastically positioned to help themselves and others in extreme situations.

In this issue of Make:, get a crash course in emergency prep with our HUGE maker‚s survival guide filled with projects and resources that you can get started with today. Next, MacGyver creator Lee Zlotoff explains how a maker mindset can help you manage when a crisis seems overwhelming. Get an overview of how the growing Internet of Production helps communities respond faster and cheaper to disasters with locally-sourced resources and rapid manufacturing. Then, build a solar-powered lamp out of a soda bottle that‚s both decorative and resourceful. And, learn how to “nuke-proof” your ride from EMPs with superfast surge suppression.

Plus, 55 projects you can build, including:

  • Build a light-up kaleidoscope using wireless LEDs
  • Make an easy solar-powered phone charger
  • Twist bamboo to make a Japanese shiorido garden gate
  • Make a weather station using battery-free perpetual computing
  • Halloween projects: Smoking skull mask, edible eyeballs, spooky costumes, and more!

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Product information

  • Title: Make: Volume 82
  • Author(s): Dale Dougherty
  • Release date: August 2022
  • Publisher(s): Make: Community
  • ISBN: 9781680457698