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Make Your Own Waves

Book Description

Like the ocean, the marketplace constantly changes and today’s cresting reward becomes tomorrow’s crashing risk. Before you venture out, take a lesson from the experts: big wave surfers. Like successful entrepreneurs, they rely on preparation, passion, and persistence—and they relish a challenge. So it’s no surprise that countless surfers have pioneered products and launched thriving businesses (GoPro Cameras, O’Neill, Reef, Quiksilver).

Packed with stories of surf innovators, entrepreneurs, and legends, Make Your Own Waves reveals 10 rules of the water, including:

    • Learn to swim—the basics set the stage for everything
    • Get wet—you can’t succeed if you stick to the shore
    • Always look “outside”—watch for what’s coming or you may miss a better opportunity
    • Commit, charge, shred—you have to go all out to be all in
    • Never turn your back on the ocean—always stay in touch with the marketplace and the customer
    • Stay stoked—desire drives success

    Even the best surfers fall, but they learn from their wipeouts and paddle back out to once again push the edge, knowing that with big waves come big opportunities.