Make Your Own Twine Games!

Book description

Twine is a free online tool that lets anyone new to programming create their own interactive, story-based adventure games in a web page.

In Make Your Own Twine Games!, game designer Anna Anthropy takes you step-by-step through the game development process, from coming up with a basic idea to structuring your game. You’ll learn the basics of Twine like how to use links and apply images and formatting to make your game look more distinct. You’ll get tips on how to test your game, export it, and publish it online, and even understand more advanced features like scripting to get your game to remember and respond to player choices. As you make your way through the book and begin crafting your own interactive fiction, you’ll learn other cool tricks like how to:

•Write stories that follow multiple paths using hyperlinks
•Create variables to track your player’s actions
•Add scripting like “if” and “else” to decide when ghosts should appear in your game
•Use hooks to add fancy touches like text effects, pictures, and sound

With example games to act as inspiration, Make Your Own Twine Games! will take you from story-teller to game designer in just a few clicks! Ready player one? The game starts now.

Covers Twine 2

Product information

  • Title: Make Your Own Twine Games!
  • Author(s): Anna Anthropy
  • Release date: March 2019
  • Publisher(s): No Starch Press
  • ISBN: 9781593279387