9Rebuilding Training around Immediacy

At a consulting engagement at the corporate university of a global communications company, Reshan had the chance to apply lessons he learned in school settings to business. A quick description of the assignment, its challenges, and the emergent solutions offers a clear picture of how to apply a teacher's mindset to a corporate problem.

Though not dealing with elementary, high school, or university students, he was still dealing with learners, our most common human name, and this allowed him to focus his thinking and, ultimately, advice in a way that would best position the recipients of the training to acquire the skills and habits that they would need to thrive. In short, it allowed him to flip the traditional approach to training, which is often trainer‐centered rather than learner‐centered.

The leader who had hired him needed insight on the design of a 16‐week, cohort‐based work program. Entry to the cohort was highly competitive – it consisted of 10 people yielded from a 0.1% acceptance rate. So, for everyone accepted, there were 102 rejections. Think Harvard, only more difficult to get into.

And think Harvard, only with more potential. Thinking about the group in advance, Reshan could only imagine what they could accomplish if they were truly inspired, truly unleashed, truly empowered. Sure, they might learn some of the broad brushstroke skills and understandings and mindsets of a typical employee at this company, but a group like ...

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