Throughout this book, we're going to connect two fields, teaching and business, in order to explore the benefits of embracing a teaching mindset in a corporate environment. Simultaneously, if all goes well, by becoming a better teacher, you will learn how to enrich the lives of your audiences, and even better, the scope of your industry.

Cartoon illustration of a person providing service to the customer, the picture symbolizes the connection between two fields: teaching and business.

More specifically, we're going to show you how teaching practices (the stuff the best teachers use daily) can:

  • Enrich approaches to selling ideas, products, and services to new (or ready to expand) customers.
  • Enrich approaches to providing services to existing customers.
  • Enrich approaches to making colleagues understand, demonstrate understanding of, and apply that on which they are being trained.
  • Enrich approaches to developing and managing teams and individuals.

We're also going to show you how to think of and serve your customers and colleagues as modern learners – because that's exactly what they, and we, all are.

Learning (for a New) Now

The “new now” of learning is transdisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary. The modern learner‐practitioner, whether she is a teacher, learner, employee, seller, or buyer, has been unboxed and unbounded – invited to be combinatory and connective and to solve problems that matter. The modern learner‐practitioner has full permission ...

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