CHAPTER 7 Trying New Things

Makeover Monday offers participants the chance to work with an unknown data set every week and gives them many opportunities to be creative and try new things. This can include:

  • Developing chart types they have not used before
  • Learning a new technique to build visually compelling charts
  • Improving their design skills
  • Building a visualization that unfolds step-by-step

In our community, we have a number of members who have developed their own style and often this inspires others. We have also noticed certain trends emerge over the course of the project. For example, when a participant creates a novel or unusual chart, we see the same chart being replicated over the next few weeks. The ability for everyone to share their work in our online community means beginners and advanced analysts alike learn from their peers and are able to apply best practices that inspire them.

While not every chart type works for every data set, trying something new is an opportunity to learn and refine your skills. This can include focusing on color choice, layout, storytelling, highlighting, annotating, or creating an audience-centric design. It also provides an opportunity to develop your overall style and voice.

Most people know and understand the importance of giving credit where credit is due. You do it regularly in daily life, be it at work, university, or during a speech at a family event. When it comes to data visualization, you must credit the work of others when ...

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