Chapter 9. Hacking Brick and Mortar

One January day a few years ago, my phone rang. This was slightly unusual, but I recognized the number as one of our distributors, so I didn’t let it go to voicemail.

“Hey, Adam! How fast could you ship an order of 10,000 Blinky POVs and 10,000 Blinky Grids?”

I’ve had phone calls that felt completely normal, and only in retrospect was it clear that they were life-altering. This was not one of those calls.

Matthew Beckler and I run a small electronics “kitbiz” called Wayne and Layne. The company first consisted of Matthew and myself, working nights and weekends, creating new kits for our customers to put together. At the time, we had a handful of through-hole kits, a variety of online distributors, ...

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