Making Sustainability Profitable

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Rapidly developing economies are often portrayed as sustainability laggards--which is far from true. In fact, in resource-constrained developing markets, corporate sustainability efforts from entrepreneurial companies have become a wellspring of innovation. This is the conclusion drawn from a study by the Boston Consulting Group and the World Economic Forum, which looked at more than 1,000 developing world companies. This study found that entrepreneurial companies in these markets are often generating above-average growth rates and margins, while using fewer resources and operating with lower costs. Their experiences offer important lessons for companies in the developed world, which will increasingly be wrestling with scarce resources. In this HBR webinar, three of the leaders of this study offer insights into effective approaches from the developing world that make sustainability profitable, and share multiple examples of success stories.

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  • Title: Making Sustainability Profitable
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  • Release date: June 2013
  • Publisher(s): Harvard Business Review
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