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Making Sustainability Work, 2nd Edition

Book Description

NEW EDITION, REVISED AND UPDATED Most companies today have some commitment to corporate social responsibility, but implementing these initiatives can be particularly challenging. While a lot has been written on ethical and strategic factors, there is still a dearth of information on the practical nuts and bolts. And whereas with most other organizational initiatives the sole objective is improved financial performance, sustainability broadens the focus to include social and environmental performance, which is much more difficult to measure. Now updated throughout with new examples and new research, this is a complete guide to implementing and measuring the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives. It draws on Marc Epstein’s and new coauthor Adriana Rejc Buhovac’s solid academic foundation and extensive consulting work and includes best practices from dozens of companies in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia, and Africa. This is the ultimate how-to guide for corporate leaders, strategists, academics, sustainability consultants, and anyone else with an interest in actually putting sustainability ideas into practice and making sure they accomplish their goals.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. List of cases, figures, and tables
  6. Foreword from the First Edition
  7. Foreword from the First Edition
  8. Preface
  9. Introduction: Improving sustainability and financial performance in global corporations
    1. Why it’s important
    2. Managing corporate sustainability
    3. The Corporate Sustainability Model
    4. Background to this book
    5. Making sustainability work: an overview of the revised book
    6. And finally
  10. 1 A new framework for implementing corporate sustainability
    1. What is sustainability?
    2. Identify your stakeholders
    3. Be accountable
    4. Corporate Sustainability Model
    5. Summary
  11. 2 Leadership, organizational culture, and strategy for corporate sustainability
    1. Board commitment to sustainability
    2. CEO commitment to sustainability
    3. Leadership and global climate change
    4. The role of the corporate mission and vision statements
    5. The role of organizational culture
    6. Developing a corporate sustainability strategy
    7. Thinking globally
    8. Voluntary standards and codes of conduct
    9. Working with government regulations
    10. Social investors and sustainability indices
    11. Summary
  12. 3 Organizing for sustainability
    1. The challenge for global corporations
    2. Involve the whole organization
    3. Information flow and a seat at the table
    4. Outsourcing
    5. Philanthropy and collaboration with NGOs
    6. Summary
  13. 4 Costing, capital investments, and the integration of sustainability risks
    1. The capital investment decision process
    2. Capital budgeting in small and medium enterprises
    3. Costs in the decision-making process
    4. Costing systems
    5. Risk assessment
    6. Summary
  14. 5 Performance measurement, evaluation, and reward systems
    1. Performance measurement and evaluation systems
    2. Incentives and rewards
    3. Strategic performance measurement systems
    4. Shareholder value analysis
    5. Summary
  15. 6 The foundations for measuring social, environmental, and economic impacts
    1. The concept of value
    2. Methodologies for measuring social, environmental, and economic impacts
    3. Methodologies for measuring sustainability and political risks
    4. Summary
  16. 7 Implementing a social, environmental, and economic impact measurement system
    1. Mapping the actions that drive performance
    2. Sustainability performance metrics
    3. Engage with your stakeholders
    4. Measuring reputation
    5. Measuring risk
    6. Measuring social, environmental, and economic impacts
    7. Summary
  17. 8 Improving corporate processes, products, and projects for corporate sustainability
    1. Organizational learning: the new battleground?
    2. Improving sustainability performance
    3. Reducing social, environmental, and economic impacts
    4. Involve the supply chain
    5. Internal reporting
    6. Summary
  18. 9 External sustainability reporting and verification
    1. Standards for sustainability reporting
    2. Industry guidance on sustainability reporting
    3. Let everyone know how you’re doing
    4. External disclosure of sustainability performance measures
    5. Verifying sustainability performance and reporting
    6. Internal sustainability audits
    7. External sustainability audits
    8. Summary
  19. 10 The benefits of sustainability for corporations and society
    1. Make sustainability work
    2. Use the Corporate Sustainability Model to improve performance
    3. Create opportunities for innovation
    4. A last word
  20. Endnotes
  21. Bibliography
  22. Index