Sessionless Networks
So far, the network connections you’ve seen in this book have mostly
been dedicated connections between two objects. Serial communica-
tions involve the control of a serial port. Mail, web, and telnet connections
involve a network port. In all of these cases, there’s a device that makes
the port available (generally a server), and a client that requests access
to the port (a client). The networked pong application in Chapter 5 was
a classic example of this. In that application, the server handled all the
communications between the other devices. In this chapter, you’ll learn
how to make multiple devices on a network talk to each other directly,
or talk to all the other devices at once.
Perform-o-shoes by Andrew Schneider.
The shoes exchange messages with a multimedia computer via XBee radio. When you moonwalk in the shoes, your
pace and rhythm controls the playback of music from the computer.
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