Malicious Mobile Code Defense Plan

This part of the chapter will discuss how to create a Malicious Mobile Code Defense Plan and the steps and processes that it should contain. This plan should be part of the organization’s larger Computer Security Defense Plan , along with Acceptable Use and Physical Security policies and procedures.

How to Create a Malicious Mobile Code Defense Plan

Here are the steps to create a malicious mobile code defense plan.

Get management to buy in

Whatever the outcome of the malicious mobile code defense plan, it will take time, money, and people to implement it. Make sure you have management buy in before you head down this road. Nothing hurts worse than building a good plan, but being denied the money and resources to make it happen. Some important justifications for a good defense plan are

  • Overall decreased costs

  • Protects company credibility

  • Increases end users’ computer confidence

  • Increases customer confidence in IT staff

  • Decreases risk of data corruption

  • Decreases risk of stolen information

You need a management champion to help things go smoothly. A good way to get that is to quantify the potential losses in relation to the estimated costs of a good approach to defense.

Pick a plan team

Pick the people you will need to create and implement a defense plan. You will need someone on the team to spearhead the whole effort operationally. Include folks from the help desk, people who assist with laptop and remote connectivity issues, programmers, network technicians, ...

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