Chapter 4

Legal Considerations

Solutions in this Chapter:

• Framing the Issues

° General Considerations

° The Legal Landscape

• Sources of Investigative Authority

° Jurisdictional Authority

° Private Authority

° Statutory/Public Authority

• Statutory Limits of Authority

° Stored Data

° Real-Time Data

° Protected Data

• Tools for Acquiring Data

° Business Use

° Investigative Use

° Dual Use

• Acquiring Data Across Borders

° Workplace Data in Private or Civil Inquiries

° Workplace Data in Government or Criminal Inquiries

• Involving Law Enforcement

° Victim Reluctance

° Victim Misperception

° The Law Enforcement Perspective

° Walking the Line

• Improving Chances for Admissibility

° Documentation

° Preservation

° Chain of Custody

Legal Considerations ...

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