Make no mistake about it; the subject of this book is enhancing your personal productivity rather than using Microsoft Outlook. As far as this book's concerned, Outlook is merely a means to an end, and that end is simply to bring your professional and personal lives into greater balance. And the full expectation is that this greater balance will bring with it a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment to both aspects of your life.

Fortunately, when it comes to enhancing your personal productivity, Outlook can serve you quite well. Beyond its obvious e-mail capabilities, Outlook offers a whole array of tools you can immediately start bringing to bear in your effort to deal more effectively with both your professional and personal obligations. The pages ahead, then, are chock-full of ideas, suggestions, and practical techniques all designed to guide you towards making Outlook the principal toolkit you use in your pursuit of enhanced personal productivity, better work/life balance, and greater happiness.

About This Book

Given that the subject of personal productivity has both its theoretical and practical aspects, so does this book. It consists roughly of one part vision and three parts application. The vision stuff in the first part gives you ideas on the current thinking of what it takes to achieve peak productivity as well as ideas on how to assess your own particular situation. The practical, Outlook-related information in the remainder of the book then gives you ...

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