Part 6 Management Practice

A Manager’s Dilemma

Vancouver, Canada–based Lululemon Athletica Inc. is a well-known manufacturer of yoga and athletic apparel, which is sold in over 250 stores, mostly in North America but also in Australia and New Zealand. Lululemon has built a loyal, almost obsessive/cult-like, customer base. One customer commented that, “Once you go Lululemon, you never go back” (H. Malcom, “Lulu’s No Downward Dog,” USA Today, March 20, 2013, p. 1B+). Others have credited the company’s apparel as the reason they started—or continued to—exercise. Retail experts portray the brand positioning to be as much about selling a way of life as selling cute and colorful yoga pants. Customers can take a free yoga class at the stores and be ...

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