Formulae for Hypothesis Testing

  1. Large sample statistical test

    θ may equal µ p, (µ1µ2), or (p1p2)


    Ho : θ = θo


    Ha : θ > θo or Ha : θ < θo

    (One-tailed test)

    Ha : θθo

    (Two-tailed test)


    Reject Ho if Z > Zα or if Z < – Zα

    (One-tailed test)

    Reject Ho if Z > Za/2 or if Z < –Za/2

    (Two-tailed test)

  2. Small-sample test for a population mean

    Ho : µ = µo

    Ha : µ > µo or µ < µo


    Reject Ho if t > tα or if t < –tα

    (One-tailed test)

    Reject Ho if t > tα/2 or if t < –tα/2

    (Two-tailed test)

  3. Small-sample ...

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