Manager 3.0

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Millennials mean business, and they are shaking up the workplace as they enter management roles for the very first time. They are tearing down the corporate ladder, communicating on the fly, and bringing play to work. Millennials are creative,
big thinkers, and they will change the face of leadership—IF they can bridge the gap between the hierarchical management style of senior executives and the casual, more collaborative approach of their peers.

Manager 3.0 is the first-ever management guide for Millennials. They will master crucial skills such as dealing with difficult people, delivering constructive feedback, and making tough decisions—while gaining insight into the four generations in the workplace and how they can successfully bring out the best in each.

Packed with interviews and examples from companies like Zappos, Groupon, Southwest Airlines, and Google, Manager 3.0 will help these new managers enhance their unique talents while developing an effective leadership style all their own.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction: Not Better, Not Worse—Just Different
  8. 1 Talkin’ ’Bout Your Generation
    1. Traditionalists (born 1928–1945)
    2. Baby Boomers (born 1946–1964)
    3. Generation X (born 1965–1980)
    4. Millennials (born 1981–2000)
  9. 2 Millennials Defined
    1. Nirvana vs. Backstreet Boys
    2. Lawnmower Parents
    3. Let’s Get Together
    4. Looks Good on Your Resume
    5. You Can Do Anything
  10. 3 From Individual Contributor to Manager
    1. Millennial Manifesto
    2. Xer/Boomer Manifesto
    3. Entitlement Versus Duty
    4. Equality Versus Hierarchy
    5. Explanation Versus Action
    6. Partnership Versus Ownership
  11. 4 Defining Management Characteristics: Shaking it up
    1. Collaborative: We’re in This Together
    2. Flexible: Open to How the Job Gets Done
    3. Transparent: Being “in the Know”
    4. Casual: Just Be Yourself
    5. Balanced: Successful at Life as a Whole
  12. 5 Rewriting the Rules of Management
    1. Tearing Down the Ladder
    2. Breaking Down the Walls
    3. Communicating on the Fly
    4. Working Where and When You Want it
    5. Playing at Work
  13. 6 Leading Your Team: Connect
    1. Your Leadership Legacy
    2. Taking It Up a Notch
    3. Connect: You, Your People, and the Big Picture
    4. Chalant: Pinpointing Your Principles
  14. 7 Communicate: Just Say it
    1. Establishing Your Expectations: The Blueprint
    2. Illuminating Their Roles: “Show Me the Light”
    3. Setting PUSH Goals: Infiltrating Fun
    4. Communication Styles: Meeting in the Middle
    5. Giving Feedback: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  15. 8 Own it: Taking—and Giving—Responsibility
    1. Holding Yourself Accountable
    2. Failure Is on the Road to Succeeding
    3. Being Your Own CEO
    4. Asking Others to Be Their Own CEOs
    5. Orchestrating Success and Ownership
  16. 9 Navigate: Managing Through the Unknown
    1. Mapping Out Your Time
    2. Finding Your Way As a Transparent Leader
    3. Taking the Helm and Instilling Hope
    4. Discovering Different Communication Styles
    5. Adjusting Your Management Approach
  17. 10 Negotiate: Working Through Different Perspectives
    1. The Story Behind Negotiating Woes
    2. Shifting Your Perspective from Fear to Fun
    3. Listening Critically: Reading Between the Lines
    4. Having an Opinion: Your Voice
    5. It’s Not About Winning or Losing
    6. Working Through Different Perspectives
  18. 11 Engage: Connecting to the Big Picture
    1. Getting to Know You, and You, and You
    2. Recognizing and Rewarding—Customized Strategies
    3. Showing Appreciation: “Thank You”
    4. Building in Fun: Work Hard, Play Hard
    5. Empowering Your People: You Can Do It
    6. Connecting to the Big Picture
  19. 12 Collaborate: Making it Happen
    1. Matching the Person With the Responsibility
    2. Collaborating to Take Action: Just Do It
    3. Manager or BFF? Drawing the Line
    4. Managing the Collaboration Zone: Team Meetings
    5. Contributing to a Collaborative Company and Community
    6. Making It Happen
  20. 13 Teach: Being a Mentor—and Student
    1. Providing the Skills and Insight: Training and Storytelling
    2. Evaluating Performance: Never Miss a Learning Moment
    3. Nurturing Creativity: Fostering Problem Solvers
    4. Delegating: Teaching Them to Fish
    5. Mentoring and Coaching: A Leg Up
  21. 14 Leading When Things Get Sticky
    1. Managing Your Peers: From Buddy to Boss
    2. Managing Someone Older Than You: Building Credibility
    3. Managing Virtual Teams: Working Together When Apart
    4. Leading When Things Get Sticky
  22. Conclusion: Go Forth
    1. Millennial Manager Manifesto
  23. Endnotes
  24. References
  25. Index
  26. About The Authors

Product information

  • Title: Manager 3.0
  • Author(s): Brad Karsh, Courtney Templin
  • Release date: June 2013
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814432907