Chapter 5

1. A nice discussion of double marginalization appears in Shugart, Chappell, and Cottle (1994).

2. The best-selling book by Womack, Jones, and Roos (1990) describes the just-in-time philosophy.

3. Nobel laureate George Akerlof (1970) wrote a seminal paper examining adverse selection in the context of used cars.

4. See the text by Brickley, Smith, and Zimmerman (2001) for more about the free rider problem in economics of organizations.

5. The concept of cash-cow businesses is an aspect of the Boston Consulting Group matrix for corporate strategy (1970).

6. The initial article that stimulated later development of the transaction cost concept was by Ronald Coase (1937).

7. See Milgrom and Roberts (1992).

8. A good description of the informativeness ...

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