Accounting, forensic

case studies, 143–149

definition of, 137

financial health of government entities, 170–175

future of, 141–143

history of, 135–136

implementation of, 140–141

needs and necessity of, 137–140

state and local government susceptibility, 160–170

Accounting irregularities, 137

AgroFertz, 22

Benefit corporations, 75–81

Benefit enforcement proceedings, 78

Biomedical entrepreneurial forensics. See Entrepreneurial forensics

Bliss to bust (B-2-B) cycle, 236–242

Business assessment, 256–257

Business contract, 56

Business failure, causes of, 4

Business judgment, 53

Business predictive model

assessment, 256–257

corrective actions, 254–256

evolving approach, 251–252

failure phases, 253–254

possibilities and limitations, 254

Cash ...

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