Manager’s Guide to Mobile Learning

Book description

The ultimate guide to spearheading a mobile learning program! Covers everything from the basics to working with developers and gaining stakeholder support

Manager's Guide to Mobile Learning offers managers an overview of how to create, implement, and successfully use mobile learning platforms.

Written specifically for today’s busy manager, Briefcase Books feature eye-catching icons, checklists, and sidebars to guide managers step by step through everyday workplace situations.

  • Proven tactics for creating, implementing, and successfully using mobile learning platforms
  • Clear definitions of key management terms and concepts
  • Practical advice for minimizing the possibility of error
  • Examples of successful management
  • Specific planning procedures, tactics, and hands-on techniques

Brenda J. Enders is a consultant, trainer, public speaker, and author in the field of mobile learning. She is the President and Chief Learning Strategist of Enders Consulting, LLC, a St. Louis, Missouri based company.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. A Briefcase Book: Manager’s Guide to Mobile Learning
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
  7. 1. Mobile Learning Overview
    1. Mobile Device Adoption Rates
    2. Data Plan Costs
    3. Corporate Adoption
    4. What Is Mobile Learning?
    5. Devices Used for Learning Today
    6. Myths vs. Realities of Mobile Learning
    7. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 1
  8. 2. The Time Is Now for Mobile Learning
    1. Business Drivers for Mobile Learning
    2. Benefits of Mobile Learning
    3. Challenges of Implementing Mobile Learning
    4. The Business Case for Mobile Learning
    5. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 2
  9. 3. A New Way to Think About Training
    1. Should You Create Mobile Versions of Your e-Learning Courses?
    2. When Does Learning Really Take Place in the Workplace?
    3. Harnessing the True Power of Mobile Learning
    4. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 3
  10. 4. Types of Mobile Learning Experiences
    1. It’s Not About the Technology, It’s About the Experience
    2. Using Mobile Learning to Provide Learners with Information
    3. Using Mobile Learning to Gather Learner Data
    4. Using Mobile Learning to Communicate and Collaborate
    5. Getting Innovative with Mobile Learning
    6. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 4
  11. 5. The Mobile Learning Vision Statement
    1. Documenting Your Current State
    2. Crafting Your Desired Future State
    3. Describing Your Mobile Learning Rationale
    4. Defining and Measuring the Success of Your Mobile Learning Initiative
    5. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 5
  12. 6. Requirements and Expectations for Mobile Learning
    1. Identifying Stakeholders’ Requirements
    2. Identifying Course Content Needs
    3. Documenting Environmental and Situational Considerations
    4. Planning for the Effect on Employees of the Mobile Learning Initiative
    5. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 6
  13. 7. Technical Considerations of Mobile Learning
    1. Personal vs. Company-Provided Devices
    2. Security Considerations
    3. Mobile Platforms
    4. Tracking Your Mobile Learning Experience
    5. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 7
  14. 8. Build vs. Buy Considerations
    1. Who Owns the Innovation Cell in Your Company?
    2. Who Makes Up the Learning and Development Team?
    3. When Should You Work with a Vendor?
    4. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 8
  15. 9. Gaining Stakeholder Support for Mobile Learning
    1. Selling Mobile Learning to the Executive Team
    2. Eliciting Feedback from Stakeholders
    3. Key Deliverables That Minimize Risks and Costs
    4. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 9
  16. 10. Working with the Development Team
    1. Using ADDIE
    2. Getting Agile with Your Development
    3. Creating a Hybrid Approach
    4. Tips for Guiding Your Team and Providing Feedback
    5. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 10
  17. 11. Ensuring a Successful Project
    1. Piloting Your Mobile Learning Solution
    2. Ensuring Seamless Communications
    3. Selecting the Right Project Manager
    4. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 11
  18. Index

Product information

  • Title: Manager’s Guide to Mobile Learning
  • Author(s): Brenda J. Enders
  • Release date: September 2013
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071811484